Estonian for Postcrossers

Hello. My name is [name].

Tere. Minu nimi on [nimi].

Nice to get to know you.

Meeldiv tutvuda.

I'm from "Germany".

Ma tulen "Saksamaalt".

In case, you are not from Germany (Saksamaalt):
from Norway = Norrast
from Sweden = Rootsist
from England = Inglismaalt
from Spain = Hispaaniast
from China = Hiinast
from Japan = Jaapanist
from France = Prantsusmaalt
from Finland = Soomest
from Portugal = Portugalist
from Russia = Venemaalt
from Lithuania = Leedust
from Latvia = Lätist
from USA = Ameerikast



Postage stamp


Greetings from "Germany".

Tervitused "Saksamaalt".


Head aega!

I'm from [...] and I don't speak estonian at all.

Ma tulen [...] ja ma ei oska (üldse) eesti keelt.

Word "üldse" means "at all" in english, so this sentence can be used with or without this word in my language.




Head aega!

Have a nice day!

Kena päeva!

Thank you for your card.

Tänan Sind kaardi eest!

How do you do?

Kuidas läheb?


Dictionary notes

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  • Your first language is available for other postcrossers? I would be glad if you could proofread it. If there is an error: Feel free to send me your correction.