French for Postcrossers

Hello. My name is [name].

Bonjour, je m'appelle [nom].

Nice to get to know you.

Je suis heureux/heureuse de faire ta connaissance.

I'm from [...].

Je viens de [...].


Carte postale

Postage stamp


Greetings from [...].

Salutations de [...].



I'm from [...] and I don't speak french at all.

Je viens de [...] et je ne parle pas du tout le français.


Au revoir

Have a nice day!

Bonne journée!

Thank you for your card.

Merci pour ta carte

How do you do?

Comment ça va?


Dictionary notes

  • Your (native?) language is missing? Please send me a translation. Others will be happy to find it.
  • Your first language is available for other postcrossers? I would be glad if you could proofread it. If there is an error: Feel free to send me your correction.