Hungarian for Postcrossers

Hello. My name is [name].

Szia, a nevem [name].

Nice to get to know you.

Örülök, hogy megismerhetlek

I'm from [...].

[place] ben élek.

or: [place]ban élek.

{i} Notice: You can't really have a formula for this one, because depending on your place the vowels can change... if the las wovel in the name of the place is E or I, chances are, it will be the first version. If it is A or O or Us, then it will be most likely the second.

I am from Hungary.

Magyarországról jöttem.



Postage stamp


Greetings from [...].

Üdvözlet [place]ból"

or: [place]b?l

{i} Notice: it is also complicated, and I can't even explain it.



I'm from [...] and I don't speak hungarian at all.

[place]i vagyok, és egyáltalán nem beszélek magyarul.



Or: Üdvözlet (this is more formal)



Have a nice day!

Szép napot!

Thank you for your card.

Köszönöm a lapot!

How do you do?

Hogy vagy?

I love travelling.

Szeretek utazni.


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