Your language for Postcrossers

  1. Hello. My name is [name].

  2. Nice to get to know you.

  3. I'm from [...].

  4. Postcard

  5. Postage stamp

  6. Greetings from [...].

  7. Bye

  8. I'm from [...] and I don't speak [insert your language] at all.

  9. Greetings

  10. Goodbye

  11. Have a nice day!

  12. Thank you for your card.

  13. How do you do?

  14. Airmail

Notes for translations

Please send me a translation into your language. I and other Postcrossers will be happy to find your language here. And please let me know your Postcrossing account name (if you have one), so I can give a reference to you.

There are a few notes for your translation:

  • Please don't translate [name]. Keep it without translation, so other Postcrossers will recognise, where they can write their name.

  • Please don't remove or replace [...] with your own location. Other Postcrossers will see, where they can write their location.

  • Please replace [insert your language] with the name of your own language and translate it. Other Postcrossers will be able to use it to tell the recipient, that they don't speak your language...